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Study in the UK for a degree or Study Abroad Program.

Edu Connect’s information and events are categorised into the phases ‘Decide’, ‘Plan’, and ‘Compete’ to help you get the right information at the right time to suit your career planning.

Join more than 100,000 international students who are already studying at one of the fully accredited universities in the UK. Enjoy life in a welcoming country to boost your employment prospects with an internationally recognised UK University course. Find advice on University entry requirement, UK University tuition fees, scholarships and living costs and create a student profile with Edu Connect that you can send to the Universities.

Edu Connect offers free consultations with a university specialist in their offices or via Skype. They also provide a list of recommended universities to apply to, then proceed on to assisting and reviewing prospective students’ application forms. Reviewing personal statements and relevant documentation to ensure an accurate and high success rate of application acceptance. Providing immigration advice in order to ensure a smooth beginning and end throughout the students studying journey.

Few questions we've asked Adam, Marketing Director at Edu-Connect:

Describe Edu-Connect in few words.

Today, we’re an industry leader with education counsellors, partner institutions, business affiliates, and offer a wide variety of courses and programs.

How Edu-Connect can help students?

With 10 years experience in education and 6 years in recruitment, our qualified team guarantees a solution for each applicant. With more than 20 employees and dozens of agents working with us, we help people to find the right University in the UK.

How many successfully enrolled students have you had?

Until present, we had successfully enrolled over 6,000 students in different educational institutions all over England. At Edu-Connect we are looking to be part of our clients’ student lives being beside them step by step until graduation, helping them to solve any potential problems that may arise along the way.

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