Monica Solanki went digital with Net Access Marketing

Who's Monica Solanki?

Monica is a freelance make up artist based in Wembley who’s decided to go digital with Net Access Marketing. Monica works with women around Central London and across the UK. Specialised in bridal hair and make up as well as occasions. Mainly focusing on accentuating women’s natural beauty rather than transforming their features. Helping clients to show off the most glowing version of themselves using trending techniques and styles to create long-lasting looks that stay fresh long after the party’s over.

Monica’s approach is completely personalised, and works closely with her clients to create a look that’s a true reflection of their personality and that makes them feel the most confident. Using a lot of photography in her work too and her clients love receiving some quality images of their finished look. It’s a lovely souvenir and something that will make her services that extra little bit more special.

Few questions we've asked Monica Solanki:

What your business represents for you?

Make up is a way of expressing my inner creativity as well as popping a smile on people’s faces and making them feel good about themselves.

What's been your inspiration to start?

Where do I start? My inspiration for make up derives from none other than the British make up brand Charlotte Tilbury, she is ever so flawless with her techniques, products and honestly, a brush in her hand is like a magic wand. Something that is also very valuable to me are not just make up artists but the women around me who have shaped me to be who I am today. My mother and my best friends who have encouraged me every single day to persue my dreams with so much love and joy.

What's your moto when it comes to your profession?

“Less is more” We as women should always maintain our inner and outer beauty. Beauty for me is about embracing women of all colors and different skin types. Beauty is about self-confidence, and when we love ourselves…the world feels it!

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